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Vantage Mortgage Group is fully focused on residential ‘forward’ mortgages only as our specialty.  Our VMG Mortgage Brokers specialize in all Conventional, Conforming (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac), Government (FHA, VA, USDA), and Jumbo loans as well as other specialized Non-Agency loans our network of wholesale lenders offer.

We do not offer Reverse Mortgage services at this time but have researched trustworthy local sources for our clients. Through our research and feedback with successful references, we suggest Northwest Reverse Mortgage.  They specialize and focus only on Reverse Mortgage lending. The owner, Jeff Foody is local to Oregon and has almost two decades experience serving the reverse mortgage industry. We believe this experience, their exclusive focus on these complex products and the education they provide to their clients about the many options available is vital in guiding our clients through their decision.  In addition, they are a fiduciary.  It’s important to us that anyone we refer are independent and not captive to any one lender or set of programs.  Please reach out to Northwest Reverse Mortgage should you have any questions about the Reverse Mortgage program(s).

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Licensed in OR, WA and ID.  NMLS # 1834787

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