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Oregon Outdoor Homes

Outdoor Home Features from DIY to Professional

Upgrading your home’s outdoor space can make it more enjoyable, add curb appeal, and even increase the overall value of your home. Try one of these projects yourself or get the help of a pro to take advantage of your outdoor oasis.

Add some plants

You may already have some greenery growing in your yard, but being intentional and having a plan can help make the most of your space. If you are new to gardening, start by growing plants in pots or containers. Your local nursery will be able to help you decide which ones work best based on your shade or sun conditions. You can also go big by having a company install garden beds, bushes and shrubs, or trees. Don’t forget about paths, pavers, and rocks to really take your design to the next level.

Create Seating

Making a comfortable place to sit and enjoy your outdoor space doesn’t have to be complicated. Look for lounge chairs made of resin or powder-coated metal for a low maintenance, easy-to-find option. Add some cushions and you will soon be enjoying a nice break outside. You can also upgrade your seating area by hiring a pro to install a deck, patio, or other outdoor space.

Lighting and Landscaping

Evening is one of the best times to enjoy your outdoor space. Temperatures are often cooler and most people are winding down from a busy day. Add solar light scones, available at most hardware stores, that get their power from the sun during the day and offer a soft glow once the sun goes down. You can also look for a professional to install a powered system that highlights a particular feature in your yard or just creates a general ambiance to enjoy

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